Nonlinear Geometric Control for Dynamic Aerial Manipulation

Globally-valid geometric models, dynamic motion planning, and geometric control for aerial robot teams with a shared suspended payload.

Unified Feedback Control for Robotic, Prosthetic, and Exoskeleton Locomotion

Generalize succesful control methdologies from bipedal robots to prostheses and exoskeletons to acheive dynamic, stable, and safe locomotion.

Optimal Robust Safety-Critical Control for Dynamic Robotics

Advance stable Lyapunov-function based controllers along the three axes of constraints, model uncertainty, and safety-critical constraints.

Dynamic Multi-Robot Coordination with Dynamically Stable Robots

3D nonholonomic geometric models, dynamically feasible motion planning, and geometric controllers for ballbot teams.

Past Projects

Feedback Control of a Compliant Bipedal Walker and Runner

Control design that preserves the natural compliant-dynamics of the system, leading to stable, efficient, and fast walking and running.

Trajectory Planning with Homotopy Constraints

Trajectory planning for robots with topological constraints to enable better coverage for search-and-rescue or survellience problems.

Adaptive Sampling with Mobile Sensor Networks

Systematic methods to optimally estimate environmental parametric fields with teams of networked mobile sensors.